PASMO is a smart card that can be used in place of a train ticket or cash, helping to make your travel experience smoother and more convenient.
In addition to using the same PASMO card on trains and buses, you can also use PASMO to purchase goods and services from stores that accept electronic money payments.

Learn how to use PASMO in a variety of situations!

Can’t speak Japanese? No problem!

Topping up and making purchases is easy - you can purchase and top up PASMO cards at ticket vending machines with English instructions.

Traveling around a lot? Good news!

You can now use your PASMO not only in Tokyo but all throughout Japan to travel by bus or train simply by touching the card to the card reader on ticket gates and buses!

No change? No worries!

PASMO cards also a convenient way to go shopping! If you’re having trouble getting your head around Japanese coins, or don’t want to carry around too much cash, then PASMO is the perfect solution for you.

Not sure how to buy a train ticket?

Save yourself the hassle! With PASMO, you no longer need to purchase separate tickets. Just touch your PASMO to the card reader area of the ticket gate and go!

Left your PASMO at the hotel?

With named PASMO, you don’t need to worry about loss or theft as you can get your PASMO reissued.