Purchasing PASMO

What is the difference between PASMO and Suica?

The companies that sell the cards are different.
They are both used in similar ways to travel on railways and buses. Both cards can also be used as digital money.

Can credit cards be used to purchase PASMO?

Credit cards cannot be used to purchase PASMO cards. Cards must be purchased with cash.
Credit cards can only be used to purchase PASMO commuter passes.

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Where can I use PASMO?

It can be used at 10 areas around the country such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

How long can I use PASMO?

It is valid for 10 years from the last day it was used. It can be repeatedly used when you visit Japan again.

I was not able to use my card even though my balance was sufficient. What should I do?

There are a couple of reasons why this could have happened.
You may have touched the ticket gate or other machine with your PASMO card together with some other smart card.
You may have touched the ticket gate or other machine with your PASMO together with some object containing material such as foil that blocks radio waves.
If neither of these are the case and you are still unable to use your card, payment from your last usage may still be processing or the card may be damaged. In this event, please inquire at the counter at a station or bus depot.

Can I transfer my commuter pass and remaining balance from the smart card I am currently using to a PASMO?

No, you cannot transfer your balance.

I wanted to top up my card with 1,000 yen, but I accidentally topped it up with 10,000 yen. Can I request a refund?

Inform an attendant at the station where you topped up your card that day. A refund may be given without any processing fees only if you request the refund before using the card.

Are there any special discounts available for PASMO users?

Yes, there are.

Special services for bus users

Automatically collect bus points by using your smart card (PASMO/Suica) when traveling by bus.

When you have enough points, your points will be automatically exchanged for special bus tickets.
These special bus tickets will be used in place of your remaining balance the next time you use your smart card to travel by bus. Fares will be discounted from the normal bus fare in units of 10 yen.
The special bus tickets can be used between different bus companies participating in the Bus Toku program.
Only the portion of the discounted fare is removed from the special bus tickets.
Please contact the bus company for more information on the bus lines where Bus Toku (bus points and special bus tickets) are available, how to get bus points, and the value of the special bus tickets. The special bus tickets are valid for a period of 10 years.
Bus points accumulate when using buses operated by companies participating in the Bus Toku program.
Bus points accumulate every month from the first to the last day of the month and reset to zero at the beginning of each month.
Points are also reset to zero when the total number of points reaches 10,000.
Bus points do not accumulate when using the special bus tickets, bus commuter passes, or all-day bus passes.

Are there minimum and maximum amounts applicable to charging?

PASMO cards can be topped up to a maximum of 20,000 yen in increments of 1,000 yen.
Some companies allow PASMO cards to be topped up in units of 10 yen.
Please ask a station attendant for more information.

I no longer need my named PASMO card. Can I give it to a family member or friend?

Named PASMO cards cannot be transferred nor can registered names be changed as they are only for use by the original purchaser. Return PASMO cards no longer needed for a refund.

Can I combine my train and bus commuter pass into one card?

Each PASMO card can be purchased for use as one type of commuter pass for each rail and bus line. Please make an inquiry if you are unsure about rules regarding purchasable sections and connections.

Can the information on the front of commuter passes that have expired be erased?

Yes, it can be erased at the station office. We recommend erasing expired commuter passes and changed them into a named PASMO card.

  • Please contact the office for more information as the actual location where this service can be performed may vary.

Can I continue to use my PASMO after the PASMO commuter pass has expired?

Yes, you can continue to use your card as a named PASMO. Make a request with a station attendant to delete the information from the front of the expired commuter pass and change it to a named PASMO card.

  • Only the station office from whom you purchased the commuter pass can reissue in the event that you need to reissue a commuter pass that is expired.

Can I purchase a commuter pass with my current PASMO card?

You can purchase commuter passes with your current PASMO card. It is not necessary to purchase a new PASMO card.

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Lost or Damaged PASMO

I found my lost PASMO after registering for the reissue of a lost card. Can I cancel the reissue request and continue to use my PASMO card?

Lost PASMO cards can no longer be used once the application for a reissue of a lost card has been completed. In this case, please continue with the procedures to obtain the reissued card. Please bring your old PASMO to a station or bus depot sales office for a refund of the 500 yen deposit in exchange for the card.
(Excluding integrated PASMO cards.)