Comes with Benefits


Prepaid Transportation IC Card
for Visitors to Japan!


¥2,000 per card

1976, 1996, 2001, 2019 SANRIO CO., LTD.
APPROVAL No.G6000664

A card featuring popular Sanrio characters!
This adorable PASMO PASSPORT card with an original design is available for you to bring home as souvenir of your trip to Japan!!

Ride on trains and buses with a single card!
This card is available for purchase at places such as convenience stores and vending machines!
You can also get various different benefits when presenting this card at different locations!

How to Purchase

Bring your passport when purchasing.
After confirming your identity as a foreign visitor, the card will be sold to you in a special holder.

Purchase Locations

Narita Airport
Keisei Electric Railway
  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 Sta. / Terminal 2・3 Sta.
Haneda Airport
Keikyu Corporation
  • Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta.
    “Keikyu Tourist Information Center”
  • *There are places other than the above outside of airports to purchase the PASMO PASSPORT. The locations will be listed on this website after being determined (scheduled for around August).

Features of the PASMO PASSPORT

Use it on public transportation in major areas.

Ride trains and bus
with one simple swipe.

Convenient for shopping
so you don’t need to take out your wallet.

Top-up at stations, in buses and in some stores so you can use it over and over again.

Buses with this display
accept the PASMO PASSPORT.

In addition to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area,
PASMO PASSPORT can be used in trains and buses all over Japan.

Important Information

  • The PASMO PASSPORT period of validity is 28 days after purchasing.
  • When using the PASMO PASSPORT, please carry with you the Reference Paper which lists information such as the above period of validity, your age classification (child or adult), balance and information on discount tickets such as discounts on fares offered by some train operating companies (name, eligibility, validity period, price, etc.).
  • We cannot reissue your PASMO PASSPORT if you lose it.
  • We do not offer a refund for the remaining balance already topped up to your PASMO PASSPORT for any customer-based reason such as not needing it anymore. *If you cannot use the PASMO PASSPORT for any reason, please notify an attendant.
  • The issuance fee the customer pays when purchasing the PASMO PASSPORT cannot be returned for any reason.
  • A PASMO PASSPORT for children cannot be used beyond the next March 31 after the child turns 12.
  • Unauthorized usage of the PASMO PASSPORT will lead us to deactivate the card and collect it.
  • PASMO Co., Ltd. cannot bear any responsibility for damage incurred by the customer by using the PASMO PASSPORT.