PASMO PASSPORT is no longer available as of 6 25, 2024.

Bus travel

This card can be used on regular route buses, some expressway buses and airport shuttle buses.

  • Look for this symbol on buses

    This is a transportation IC card that can be used across Japan, for regular route buses in the metropolitan Tokyo area, some expressway buses, and airport shuttle buses.

  • Example of available buses

  • Transit buses

  • Airport shuttle buses

  • inter-city express bus

  • Overnight buses

  • Check!

    Touch your card to the reader with the IC symbol.

    Simply passing your PASMO PASSPORT over the reader will not work.

    If the card cannot be read, you will hear an electronic beep beep beep beep and the reader will flash red. Touch your card to the reader again.

  • Differences in payment methods

    Depending on the bus, you will either need to touch your card to the reader when getting on the bus (prepaid), or when getting on and off the bus (postpaid) to pay the fare.

    The boarding system and fare payment system for buses may vary depending on the operator, service area, and route.

    Please contact the bus company for more information on using PASMO cards.

    Prepaid fare (Fare is collected when getting on.)

    Postpaid fare (Fare is collected when getting off according to the distance traveled.)

    Things to Keep in Mind
    • The card may not be read if it is not touched to the reader properly. You will hear a beeping sound and the reader will flash red. If this happens, touch the card to the reader again.
    • Even if you are not using your transportation IC card, some of the stored fare may be deducted if it is brought close to the reader.
    • When children, disabled or elderly riders are accompanied by a caretaker, talk to the driver to receive the applicable discounts before paying the fare.
  • When you have an insufficient balance
    to pay the fare

    If you have an insufficient stored fare balance when paying the fare and you would like to top up the card to pay, talk to the driver. On the bus you can top up the card to your desired amount in denominations of ¥1,000. After topping up the card, touch it to the IC fare machine reader. You may also pay the balance of the fare in cash.