PASMO Agreement

PASMO Electronic Money Handling Rules

The use of PASMO as electronic money at stores etc., is governed not only by the “PASMO Handling Rules" but also by the following "PASMO Electronic Money Handling Rules” set forth by PASMO.

Effective: February 1, 2007

Latest revision: May 1, 2023


Article 1

These rules describe services provided by PASMO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) to users of electronic money at PASMO member stores and the conditions under which such services are provided to users.

Scope of Applicability

Article 2

These rules prescribe handling of electronic money transactions by users at PASMO member stores.

  1. Matters not stipulated in these rules shall be governed by applicable laws and rules established by the Company, such as the Rules for Using PASMO.

Meaning of Terms

Article 3

Meanings of main terms used in these Rules are as explained in the paragraphs below.

  1. (1) “Electronic money” means the monetary value recorded on a PASMO card issued by the Company.
  2. (2) “PASMO” refers to a card that is issued by the Company which contains an embedded IC chip that can be used for storing electronic money and related information.
  3. (3) “Product” means any item, right, software or service that is purchased using electronic money.
  4. (4) “Electronic money transaction” refers to the use of electronic money in lieu of cash to purchase, borrow, transfer, permit, or provide products through a transaction in which payment for products is made by transferring value to a PASMO member store’s terminal or a computer used by the Company.
  5. (5) "User" means a person who uses electronic money under agreement with the PASMO Electronic Money Handling Rules.
  6. (6) "PASMO Electronic Money Handling Establishment" means a business specified in Appendix Schedule 1.
  7. (7) “PASMO member store” means an entity that concludes a member store contract regarding PASMO electronic money handling establishment to provide customers with products through the use of electronic money. Additionally, when a PASMO electronic money handling establishment provides products to users by means of electronic money, the PASMO electronic money handling establishment is also regarded as a PASMO member store.
  8. (8) "Top up" means to add electronic money to a PASMO card by means designated by the Company.
  9. (9) “Transfer” means to subtract an amount of electronic money from a PASMO card through an electronic money terminal and network and to add the corresponding amount to the Company’s computer or a PASMO member store’s electronic money terminal.
  10. (10) An “Electronic Money Terminal” is a device (reader/writer) that complies with the specifications determined by the Company, can read and withdraw electronic money from a PASMO card, and write electronic money to a PASMO card, when authorized by the Company,.

Place and Method of Use

Article 4

A user can make electronic money transactions using electronic money terminals installed at PASMO member stores that display the service mark shown in Appendix Schedule 2.

  1. When conducting an electronic money transfer as described in the preceding paragraph, upon completion of electronic money transfer in payment for the product through the PASMO member store’s electronic money terminal, the monetary obligation of the user to the member store shall be considered discharged in the same manner as if the payment had been made in cash.
  2. When PASMO is used as described in paragraph 1, the amount of the payment for the product and the remaining balance on the card shall be displayed on the electronic money terminal, portable information terminal device or specified mobile information terminal device at the time the transaction is completed, and the user shall verify that there is no error in the amount of the payment and the remaining balance. Further, unless the user immediately raises an objection to the member store, the user shall be regarded as having agreed to the appropriateness of the electronic money transaction.
  3. Neither the Company nor the PASMO electronic money handling establishment will bear any responsibility regarding flaws or defects in products purchased or received by the user or any problem arising between the user and the PASMO member store.
  4. After the electronic money transfer described in paragraph 2 has been completed, the electronic money will not be refunded due to invalidation or cancellation of the event on which the electronic money transfer was based or for any reason.

Limitations on Use

Article 5

Notwithstanding the provision of paragraph 1 of the preceding Article, simultaneous use of two or more PASMO cards in a single electronic money transaction is not possible. Further, the mutual use agreement between the Company and other electronic money handling establishments does not allow PASMO to be used in combination with other forms of electronic money.

  1. When making an electronic money transaction at a PASMO member store, the user must limit use to the available balance of PASMO electronic money, and must use the service in accordance with procedures prescribed by the PASMO electronic money handling establishment and the PASMO member store.
  2. A Personalized PASMO card bearing an individual’s name cannot be used by anyone other than that individual. However, at the time of electronic money transaction, the bearer of the card will be regarded as the person whose name is indicated on the card without verification of identity. Accordingly, none of the Company, the PASMO electronic money handling establishment and the PASMO member store will be liable for any damages inflicted upon the owner of the Personalized PASMO card due to its use by someone else as a consequence of its loss or theft.
  3. No PASMO card can be used if it is a forgery, or if it has been illegitimately altered or created.
  4. Electronic money that has been modified or created illegitimately cannot be used.
  5. A PASMO card cannot be used at an electronic money terminal under the circumstances described in the following paragraphs.
    1. (1) When data on the PASMO card cannot be read or the electronic money terminal cannot be used due to damage, malfunction or electromagnetic interference of either the PASMO card or the electronic money terminal, or when electronic money data has been destroyed or lost due to natural disaster or other circumstance.
    2. (2) When the Personalized PASMO card or Blank PASMO card has not been used for a period of time determined by the Company counting from the day after it was last used or topped up with electronic money.
    3. (3) In the case of electronic money transactions, when adding value and transfer have been repeated several times.

Temporary Limitations or Termination

Article 6

The Company may limit or terminate handling of PASMO at all or some PASMO member stores under conditions described in the following paragraphs..

  1. (1) When the Company determines that handling of PASMO is not feasible due to situations such as natural disaster, power outage, trouble with telecommunication carriers' communication equipment, or abnormality in computer systems.
  2. (2) When the Company determines that it is necessary to stop handling of PASMO due to other unavoidable circumstances.

Products Not Covered

Article 7

Notwithstanding Article 4, paragraph (1) electronic money cannot be used for electronic money transactions involving products specified separately by the Company or PASMO electronic money handling establishments.


Article 8

The Company and PASMO electronic money handling establishments will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred by users due to inability to use electronic money. This, however, shall not apply in the event of willful misconduct or negligence on the part of the Company or PASMO electronic money handling establishment.

  1. With regard to the exception set forth in the preceding paragraph, the Company or PASMO electronic money handling establishment bearing responsibility shall be solely liable for attributable losses or damages. If, in such case, the losses or damages are the result of slight negligence on the part of the Company or the PASMO electronic money handling establishment, the Company or the PASMO electronic money handling establishment shall be liable only for direct losses or damages actually incurred by the user, and shall not be liable for damages resulting from special circumstances or lost profits, whether or not such damages or losses should have been foreseeable.

Changes to Rules

Article 9

The Company may make substantial changes to these rules. In case revisions are made, the Company will post the timing and details of the revisions on our website in advance.

  1. Subsequent to any rule change as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the issuance of a PASMO card by the Company or the use of the card for electronic money transfers will be deemed to constitute agreement with the change(s).

Use of Electronic Money at Other Companies’ Member Stores

Article 10

The user may use PASMO as a means of using electronic money for electronic money transactions at the member stores of other electronic money handling business providers with which the Company has partnered and approved its use as electronic money (hereinafter, “other companies’ member stores”).

  1. The provisions of these Rules apply to the handling of PASMO and electronic money at other companies’ member stores in the same manner as they apply to such handling at PASMO member stores. However, notwithstanding the provisions of Article 7, handling of products not covered at other companies’ member stores shall be the same as at those member stores.

Appendix Schedule 1 Businesses Designated Under Article 3, Paragraph 6

  • Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
  • Keio Corporation
  • Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
  • Keikyu Corporation
  • Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company
  • Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
  • Toei Transportation

Appendix Schedule 2 Service Mark Displayed at PASMO Member Stores