Things to Keep in Mind

Please pay particular attention to the following points when using the PASMO PASSPORT.

    • The PASMO PASSPORT is valid for 28 days from the day on which you bought the card.
    • When using the PASMO PASSPORT, always carry with you the Reference paper, which has information printed on it (name, Effective area of Fare Ticket, Fare Ticket expiration date, purchase amount, etc.) including the above expiration date, passenger age classification (Adult/Child), and Card balance, that is relevant to special deals on Fare Tickets with discounted fares that can be purchased from some railway companies.
    • In the event that you lose your PASMO PASSPORT, we will not issue a replacement.
    • In the case that you no longer need your PASMO PASSPORT, we are unable to refund any Card balance that has already been charged, regardless of the reason. *If for some reason you are unable to use your PASMO PASSPORT, please notify a member of staff.
    • We are unable to refund the issuance fee received from the customer at the time of PASMO PASSPORT purchase under any circumstances.
    • A PASMO PASSPORT for children cannot be used beyond the next March 31 after the child turns 12.
    • If you use your PASMO PASSPORT in an unauthorized manner, we will render it invalid and collect it.
    • PASMO Co., Ltd. cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage incurred while using the PASMO PASSPORT.