Getting a

When arriving in Japan, purchase

This is a special IC card with privileges only available to overseas travelers who are visiting Japan.

It can be used for train and bus travel in the Kanto area and all across the country where IC cards are accepted, and for electronic payments when shopping.

Presenting this card at participating facilities and shops in the PASMO area entitles you to special discounts, etc..

Price: ¥2,000

(Stored fare of ¥1,500 + issuing fee of ¥500)

Expires after 28 days

(Stored fare balance cannot be refunded)

How to purchase

The card is sold attached to a special paper backing after presenting your passport to prove that you are a visitor from overseas.

Purchasing at
Narita Airport

Purchasing at
Haneda Airport

List of locations
where you can buy PASMO PASSPORT

Keisei Electric Railway

7:00 - 21:00

Narita Airport Terminal 1 Sta.


7:00 - 21:00

Narita Airport Terminal 2・3 Sta.


Keikyu Corporation

7:00 - 22:00

Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta.

"Keikyu Tourist Information Center Haneda Airport International Terminal Station"

8:30 - 20:00

Shinagawa Sta.

"Keikyu Tourist Information Center Shinagawa Station"

Tokyo Metro

7:40 - 20:00

Ueno Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Nihombashi Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Ikebukuro Sta.(Marunouchi Line)

7:40 - 20:00

Ikebukuro Sta.(Yurakucho Line)

7:40 - 20:00

Ginza Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Shimbashi Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Shinjuku Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Ebisu Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Iidabashi Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Takadanobaba Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Akasaka-mitsuke Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Meiji-jingumae <Harajuku> Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Shin-ochanomizu Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Otemachi Sta.

7:40 - 20:00

Tokyo Sta.

Commuter pass sales counter at each of the stations listed above

Toei Subway

8:00 - 20:00

Ueno-okachimachi Sta.

Tourist Information Center


10:00 - 20:00

Shibuya Sta.


(what is required for purchase)

Where can I purchase PASMO PASSPORT?

The card is available for purchase at 21 locations.

Who should I talk to if I don't know how to purchase PASMO PASSPORT?

Ask station or bus staff if you have any questions.

Can I purchase PASMO PASSPORT with a credit card?

Unfortunately PASMO PASSPORT cannot be purchased with a credit card. Please use cash.

How much does PASMO PASSPORT cost?

The total is ¥2,000 (stored fare of ¥1,500 + issuing fee of ¥500).

Is there a child version of PASMO PASSPORT?

Yes, there is. This version is available for children up to March 31 of the year they turn 12.

Does PASMO PASSPORT come with privileges?

Yes, it does. Presenting this card at participating facilities and shops in the PASMO area entitles you to special discounts.

All About PASMO

Long-term visitors should use the regular PASMO.

Various PASMO types are available, such as the Adult PASMO, Child PASMO, Personalized PASMO card and Commuter Pass. Select the right PASMO for you.


For trains, buses, and shopping.
Learn about situations where PASMO PASSPORT is convenient.

  • Using the card on the train and bus
  • Using the card for shopping
  • Other uses
  • Get special privileges